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Video Streaming & 
Online Conferencing

Plexteq has partnered with companies in the online video streaming and video conferencing sector, helping them leverage technological innovation and implement high-performance, scalable video streaming, computer vision, and artificial intelligence.

Our solutions enhance the customer experience and scale swiftly with a quickly growing user audience.

Our Software Development Services for Video Streaming

Conferencing platforms

We build custom solutions or add-ons to tailor video conference capabilities, including recording, screen-sharing, whiteboards, live chat, and many other integrations to uplevel online conferences, interviews, presentations, and meetings.

Platform integration

We have wide experience with streaming protocols, such as WebRTC, SIP, RTMP, including integration of various protocols and platforms with each other to leverage interoperation and legacy device use

Media player apps

We implement a top-notch player software packed with multibitrate, DVR, simulated live, and recording to provide audiences with TV-quality live streaming whatever the device. 


Live streaming solutions

Delivering the virtual experience of events in real-time is more critical than ever before. We’ve customized live streaming capabilities for programs, events, meetings, auctions, and much more, with interactive elements like polls and chats that enliven the experience and foster engagement.

Video on demand

Our SVOD, TVOD and AVOD solutions allow reaching extended audience. We make sure that you can satisfy the number of users able to simultaneously watch videos and stream the videos at high resolution and without stuttering. 

Stream analytics, diagnostics and troubleshooting

Analyze both viewing behavior and stream quality to get the full picture of how your content performs across various audiences, destinations, and devices. Compare real-time insights with historical data to make informed decisions, and easily share your findings throughout the organization.

Content delivery networks

We enable companies to integrate video delivery platforms with any major CDN available on the market. This way, they can significantly enhance viewer experiences all over the globe by reducing latency, network congestion, content blockages, and other bottlenecks.

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Hire a leading live streaming and conferencing app development company

Our Key Areas of Expertise

Video delivers unparalleled digital engagement, making it easier to get your information out to the people who want it. Plexteq develops custom platforms and apps with live streaming, video on demand, and online conferencing solutions with interactive elements. The apps built by our teams are capable of streaming the highest-quality videos to desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices alike. From launch, videos streamed via your new app will deliver an immersive UX and build your reputation, placing you ahead of the competition.


Automatic video transcoding

Transcoding lets realize huge savings in live encoding workflow by minimizing hardware costs, onsite bandwidth issues, and infrastructure complexity.


Video APIs is a highly powerful tool. They allow users to integrate streaming capabilities to different systems and platforms. A variety of other tools, services, products, and industries can plug into APIs. 

Across-the-board integrations


Real-time stream analytics

Analyze viewing behavior and stream quality to get the full picture of how your content performs across various audiences, destinations, and devices. Compare real-time insights with historical data to make informed decisions.


Stream security

Plexteq utilizes a hybrid approach to achieve a high level of security in streaming systems we build - through advanced authentication, authorization, and stream encryption.


QoS and QoE

We take QoS and QoE seriously and comprehensively by integrating advanced solutions with ABR and Simulcast support


Object tracking and identification

Let artificial intelligence help your staff process huge amounts of incoming data in real time. Enforce regulation compliance, generate rich metadata for professional and entertainment purposes,.

Automatic video transcoding

Transcoding lets realize huge savings in live encoding workflow by minimizing hardware costs, onsite bandwidth issues, and infrastructure complexity.

Plexteq solutions automatically transrate the incoming stream to create streams of various bitrates and dynamically serve the right one to each viewer based on his or her bandwidth - giving the online audiences the best possible viewing experience. 

We support all major codecs:

Video: H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC, MPEG4 Part 2, MPEG2, VP9, VP8
Audio: MP3, AAC, AAC-LC, HE-AAC+ v1 & v2, MPEG1 Part 1/2, Speex, G.711, Opus, Vorbis

Video: H.265/HEVC, H.264/AVC, H.263 (v2), VP9
Audio: AAC, AAC-LC, HE-AAC+ v1 & v2, Opus, G.711

Success Stories

shutterstock_1818069497 copy.jpg

Video Conferencing and Online Meeting Platform

Our client, an interactive virtual events platform with a next-generation participants engagement ecosystem, sought to solve their engineering challenges such as sporadic video stream quality issues, frequent interruptions, and A/V streams going out of sync, which led to poor UX. Additionally, that platform was not scaling well upon increasing active participant count.  Plexteq engineers cooperated with our client's backend team to rework the foundation of their video streaming infrastructure, took responsibility for developing part of the middleware, and significantly contributed to a new technology strategy by implementing 3rd party integrations via SIP and RTMP protocols.

Stadium Concrete Seats

Challenges We Tackle

Whether you are just kicking off with video delivery or already have a solution in place, we will make sure you get a comprehensive set of tools to maximize ROI from video content. Here is what we can do for you:

  • Full-cycle live content broadcasting with just one technology partner

  • Full-cycle online conferencing with just one technology partner

  • Development for diverse platforms, devices, players, and formats

  • Simplified management of complex live streaming software workflows

  • The ability to scale to an unlimited number of concurrent viewers

  • TV-like QoE (Quality of Experience)

  • High QoS (Quality of Service): resilience to network congestions and packet loss

We Will Help You

Gain competitive advantage with video streaming software services

Seizing benefits of AI/ML powered transformation

Scale your streaming infrastructure with ease

Striving in the increasingly competitive M&E marketplace takes a clear approach to opportunities and risks, which boils down to better audience understanding, ubiquitous content, and new revenue streams. Plexteq brings the necessary technological skills and tools to help you boost these opportunities while getting past the obstacles along your way to digital success. We synergized our multi-year expertise around M&E app development to dive deep into each projects’ specifics and achieve measurable business results.

Video streaming and conferencing software development featuring AI and ML is one of the best options to analyze data generated by the parties that geneate and produce video contemt at realtime at speed unavailable for humans, but possible for machines. Plexteq helps our clients reap the benefits of AI showcasing machines’ capabilities in data processing and handling the complexity. Our solutions increase productivity by slashing media processing time and allow lightning-fast face and object recognition, enable on-the-fly video processing on mobile, or detect anomalies in video streams with ease.

Plexteq architects possess hands-on experience with implementing innovative autoscaling techniques to run an infinite number of media servers via the RTP protocol. This redundant, highly available architecture allows the system to efficiently handle multiple media streams from multiple attendees, firing up additional servers when a certain threshold is reached to balance the load. With our solutions there is no need to choose between feature complexity and scalability — our architects and engineers will help you implement the optimal solution in terms of cost, performance, and business value.

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