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Performance Testing Services

We’ll help you test the resilience of your application under stress, optimize its responsiveness and make smart plans for future development, through robust performance testing. Helping you maintain app health and deliver a seamless service.

We Will Help You

Increase your service uptime

Application downtime costs money and credibility. Our performance testing service helps you create robust applications that can withstand peaks in demand, remaining stable – even under the biggest stresses. You’ll be able to verify the scalability of your app and ensure your business is future-proof.

Improve visibility of your application health

Our experts complete your performance tests, gather data, and carry out a comprehensive analysis of your results. We’ll then retest your software and fix any bugs we might have uncovered – providing you with a detailed performance report that gives you the full picture of your app’s health.

Optimise your application cost-effectively

We’ll help you identify bottlenecks and bugs in the early development stage, so you’ll reduce revenue and resource losses that might have occurred as a result of failures further down the line.

Reduce your testing time

Plexteq's performance testing services help you cut your testing time, compared with testing in-house. We take care of planning, scripting, and configuring environments for testing, so you can keep your resource engaged in BAU and secure the quickest possible turnaround.

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Test the health of your applications

What We Do

To be sure of the correct operation of the app in real conditions, software performance testing is imperative. With performance testing, we detect:

> slow loading time
> long response time
> poor scalability issues
> performance bottlenecks
> system reliability issues

As a result, we assess the efficiency and operational capability of the application during the design and deployment phases. During the testing process, we determine the number of users simultaneously working with the application and the limits of acceptable performance with increasing load, also examines productivity at high, extreme, stressful workloads.

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Our expert team will plan, script and configure your environments, before carrying out comprehensive performance tests. We’ll then provide you with a full overview of your app’s performance, for smarter future development.

Planning and Scoping

We’ll work with you to define a set of requirements, then create a robust testing plan that allows us to meet your project criteria, budget, and time frame – taking into account the physical and production environments of your application.

We Provide

Automated Performance Testing

Automated performance testing allows optimizing the process of creating and executing test cases and also find the appropriate software platform and server configuration for the application. Automatic scripts perform repetitive tasks and allow to test the product more regularly based on the generated scripts.

Configuration Performance Testing

Configuration testing helps to determine the optimal configuration of equipment that can provide needed performance characteristics and system reaction time, as well as to test system performance with changing its configurations. Combining this testing with stress, load, and stability tests can bring excellent results.

Types of Performance Testing

Load Testing

Are you sure your software can handle the load? Within load testing, we continuously increase the number of active users at one time, hence the load on the system, and check the behavior of the app under those conditions. When the system is performing well under heavy load, we also monitor the response time and staying power of the app.

Endurance Testing

Endurance testing is usually performed to test the behavior of a system with an expected load over a long period of time. We let the system run longer than it is designed to check its staying power. During this test, we highlight issues such as system crashes, random behavior, and memory leaks to fix them and prevent their further occurrence.

Stress Testing

An app may crash when hardware resources like CPU, memory, disk space, and others are insufficient. Stress testing aims at checking the stability of software out of bandwidth capacity. We define system failures and monitor its correct recovery to see the behavior of the system in non-standard situations and be sure of its full recoverability.

Scalability Testing

Scalability testing services check the app’s capability to scale up user traffic, a number of transactions, and data volume of the system, as well as to determine the peak of scaling. Once we found the maximum load, we ensure that the system is scalable after it. This testing helps to detect errors related to software, hardware, and database performance.

Spike Testing

Spike testing evaluates the weakness of the application by extreme incrementing and decrementing in the load. In such a way, we evaluate the behavior of the system in case of a sudden change in load volumes over short periods of time. As a result, you can minimize the occurrence of problems in the app caused by insufficient system performance.

Volume Testing

Volume testing is essential for apps that operate with a huge amount of data. Within this testing, we check the performance of the application under various database volumes to check it can withstand them, also measure the response time and the number of users simultaneously working in the system. We verify that your software capable of real-world usage.

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