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Software Audit Services

Plexteq team independently examines the software development processes to assist organizations in improving software quality and productivity. Our team with client's managers characterize the existing development process, identify project strengths and areas for improvements, and recommend possible improvements, which helps to cease wasting money and resources.

We Will Help You

Identify any flaws in your development lifecycle

With an unbiased evaluation of your current products, internal processes and documents, we’ll help you identify the strengths, weaknesses and any potential risks within your SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle) – for a stronger software solution.

Create a solid software action plan

Together, we’ll identify any issues with your project maturity and business analysis processes, using stringent diagnostics. So you’ll be able to maximise future efficiency.

Minimise post-release product issues

We’ll validate the end-to-end performance of your applications, to help you detect software defects before your product goes live. So you can proactively identify and fix defects that could hinder product performance and damage your brand.

Build a roadmap

We’ll help you implement continuous QA that allows you to quickly adapt to the changing needs of your customers, so you can focus on scaling your business. Our independent testing service offers you an impartial second opinion and a bigger likelihood of spotting pitfalls and risks.

Evaluate your project artefacts

We’ll put your project documentation and software outputs (Dev, QA, BA, UX, PM, InfoDev, DevOps streams) through their paces – helping you improve business maturity.

Get your product to market faster

Our software audit helps you identify bottlenecks within your software, development and\or testing processes – saving your valuable time and revenue.

Round Architecture

Get a comprehensive evaluation of your software solution and build a roadmap for future development

What We Do

Whether your software development process revolves around in-house, offshore, “right-shore”, or out-sourced resources it needs to be effective and efficient. Software is produced to directly serve the business that calls for it, yet all too often it falls short of expectations.

We’ll perform an initial audit based on your business needs, project scope, and goals, then conduct a full development and software evaluation – keeping you informed at every step.

Development process audit

We will evaluate the stability of each aspect of your process framework:

- Development and release processes

- Project management process

- Change management process

- Quality assurance process

- Business Analysis process


The audit reveals potential problem areas, risks, weaknesses as well as direct opportunities for improvement in all aspects of the process..

The deliverables of the audit by Plexteq team include:

Executive summary

A detailed report on the current SDLC

Recommendations for improvement


Let Us Discuss How Our Team Can Contribute To Your Success

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