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About Us

Plexteq is the partner of choice for many enterprises, SMEs, and technology challengers. We help businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, QA, and consultancy services.

About Us

Plexteq is a digital consulting and software engineering company that provides cost-effective solutions at the cutting edge of technology, with R&D centers in Estonia and Ukraine.

Founded in 2014, Plexteq focuses on professional consulting and end-to-end software engineering services primarily in the SaaS domain. Plexteq customers comprise large and well-known companies operating in the renewable energy, healthcare, communication technologies, e-government, online conferencing, and data recovery industries, where the software innovation is most intense.

Plexteq offers its clients from the EU, UK, US, Canada, and across the corporate market high-quality services in software engineering, software architecture, DevOps, quality assurance, and data engineering to build and deliver next-generation products and digital experiences.


The product quality and customer satisfaction are controlled at all project stages, and our exceptional results are achieved by adopting three core corporate values: efficient communication, technical excellence, and high-quality processes integrated throughout the company.

Hands-on experience with building Agile processes that follow CMMI v3 and ISO 9001 has made the company efficient and competitive, offering flexibility that doesn’t sacrifice process clarity, predictability, or communication. To tackle technical excellence, Plexteq has built a skilled and highly educated team of engineers who hold bachelor’s, master’s, or PhDs in computer science.

Problems We Help To Solve

Close IT resourcing gaps

Our team of software experts tailors our core services to fit your business requirements. We engage highly skilled and educated teams for building and maintaining every project we undertake – to guarantee success where software expertise alone might not be enough.

Save business operations costs

We’ll help you test bold new ideas while sharing your development risk. So you can save on development costs, get products and services to market twice as fast, improve efficiency and flex your business model to boost revenue.

Adopt digital transformations

We can help you adapt to changing demands with agile, innovative, technologies – like Data Science and Cloud. You can leave your in-house resource in place to focus on your core business, for perfectly seamless service delivery.

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Ready to realise your product vision?

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Our Mission

Providing high-quality custom software development, system operation, system integration services by leveraging ISO 9001/2000 and CMMIv3 compatible processes and efficient communication that allows our customers to meet their business goals in a highly competitive and fast-paced environment

Our Values

efficient communication

technical excellence

high-quality processes integrated throughout the company

Our Vision

A successful and known international company providing high quality products and solutions with unmatched level of attention to detail and quality. We value our customers’ success as much as our own – sharing development risk, so that they can be bold in their adoption of new technologies.

What’s Different About Plexteq

Engineering with passion

We’re innovators. We devise bold solutions to the most intricate client challenges. It’s our ability to explore new technologies to design best-fit solutions that have more than 90% of our clients ready to recommend us.

Performance focus

We become your dedicated partner. Which means we won’t finish a project until both we, and you, are 100% happy. With a client satisfaction rate of over 95%, we’re considered a key strategic technology partner.

Dedication to success

We drive innovations that help our clients stay ahead of the curve. We care about your immediate needs and your long-term goals. We believe that success is three-fold: for our clients, their customers and the communities they influence.

Our Philosophy


  • Well defined service processes with a special focus on planning and delivery control

  • Refined HR processes aimed to safeguard sustainable and uninterrupted service delivery

  • Robust quality control with a range of KPIs to track delivery quality and efficiency


  • Regular and detailed reporting on different management levels (weekly, monthly, etc.)

  • Clear, predictable, and consistent billing accompanied by detailed expenditure reports

  • Extensive use of task & project management systems like Jira, Confluence


  • Focus on delivering business value instead of just performing the tasks assigned

  • Working processes tailored for synergy with customer organization and business ways

  • Constant strive for optimization, better performance, and collaboration efficiency

Let Us Discuss How Our Team Can Contribute To Your Success

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