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CTO as Service

Hire an on-demand technical leadership to grow your business through harnessing the skills and experience of a full-time CTO at a manageable cost

We Will Help You

Speed up time-to-market

Plexteq's CTO resource help startups, scale-ups, and product companies secure investment, while enterprise businesses and product companies can streamline processes, for a smoother delivery.

Innovate and compete

CTO is not only a lead developer but a person with a broad range of expert knowledge.  We can not only represent an idea of the project but show investors the expertise in effective development and share the project’s technical solutions and business benefits.

Reduce resourcing and operational costs

CTO knows how to get the most out of a hiring strategy, best use of OpenSource solutions, budget, understanding what is essential now, and how to get the best value out of every expense.

Rapidly scale your business

Our CTO will help you with business analysis, evaluate the current business needs, create a complete scaling strategy, and then implement it organization-wide

Build a roadmap

From technology roadmaps to final products, a CTO’s strategy ensures all technology is chosen & utilized for the right reasons.

Meet any gap in your skill set

We are a team of enthusiasts, who love beautiful design and code, no matter what programming language or platform it is. We help you make the right technology choice because we are about quality and lasting relationship.


Push Digital Innovation with Plexteq

What We Do

We have designed development strategies specific for startups based on the factors most important for them: reduced time-to-market, ability to quickly respond to changes, high focus on quality, using mainstream technologies. By following this strategy, we have lead many of startups from their first step to a profitable business.

Full-time CTO service

We provide dedicated resources and expertise in helping your organization address technological issues.


Having a full-time CTO consulting services provider onboard ensures that technical issues, plans, and technological processes are discussed and managed proactively in real-time.

Design software architecture and the system of tools and processes that best fit your needs

Set technological strategies and implementation plans

Participate in and manage organizational products and production roadmaps

Support, lead, manage and hire tech talent for organizations

Design, plan and oversee quality control and quality assurance tests and troubleshooting

Develop corporate strategy regarding infrastructure

Transparent Texture

CTO Responsibilities

Product Discovery

Most startups have bright project ideas but do not know how to implement them.

Our CTO resource helps startups and scale-ups with the discovery phase of your product, which may include such steps as:


  • Architecture development

  • Designing the technical solution

  • Finding the best matching tools

  • Clarification of the project goals

  • Selecting the set of features for the MVP development

  • Assessment and reduction of risks Competitors analysis

  • Choosing the optimal tech stack

Technical solutions design

Plexteq's CTO combines both deep development expertise and business knowledge. Our experts help to solve the most difficult technical issues and implement rare solutions.

  • Choose the functionality in accordance with business requirements

  • Find solutions for technical challenges

  • Find the most cost-efficient and effective technologies

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the current tech stack

  • Dealing with technical issues that the client’s team cannot solve due to lack of expertise

  • Architecture development and improvements

  • Complex integrations

Project Planning

Our CTOs are often involved to plan the development process, prioritize the features, and select the features that need the biggest focus.

This applied particularly when the project aims to scale. For example, when the number of requests grows and a system can’t already cope with them. CTO as a service can assist with the following planning aspects:


  • Improving the development processes

  • Prioritizing the features

  • Enhancing the architecture

  • Creating a development roadmap

  • Estimating budgets and timelines

Project scaling


A scaling stage is when an expert becomes a must. For instance, a product can be big enough to scale but still, fail with the technical aspect of scaling. Here our CTO will help you with business analysis, evaluate the current business needs, and create a complete scaling strategy. During the scaling process, CTO can help you with:


  • Architectural and technical decisions

  • Finding the most cost and time-effective solutions

  • Risk-less project expansion

  • Analyzing the possible approaches

  • Cloud, hosting, and other optimizations

  • Creating an overall technical scaling strategy

When it comes to early startups, founders and a CTO often serve as recruiters and hire the future team. In the later stages, startup CTO helps human resource specialists to recruit the best matching candidates. Our CTO can advise with such recruiting aspects as:

  • Creating criteria for the technical employees

  • Evaluating the technical expertise of future employees

  • Conducting technical interviews

  • Determining the developers’ soft skills and check whether they are good team players

  • Motivating the team in case of  issues

Project audit

To maintain the high quality of the product and keep it reliable, an audit should be conducted on a regular basis. External CTO to conduct an audit has a huge perk as it allows to get an unbiased opinion.  During the project audit, a CTO can assist you with:


  • Evaluation of the code quality

  • Verification of whether the team works correctly

  • Project quality and functionality assessment

  • Checking the effectiveness of outsourced teams

  • Monitoring the delivery process

  • Preparing the list of recommendations on improvements

Our CTO-as-Service Philosophy


  • Well defined service processes with a special focus on planning and delivery control

  • Refined HR processes aimed to safeguard sustainable and uninterrupted service delivery

  • Robust quality control with a range of KPIs to track delivery quality and efficiency


  • Regular and detailed reporting on different management levels (weekly, monthly, etc.)

  • Clear, predictable, and consistent billing accompanied by detailed expenditure reports

  • Extensive use of task & project management systems like Jira, Confluence


  • Focus on delivering business value instead of just performing the tasks assigned

  • Working processes tailored for synergy with customer organization and business ways

  • Constant strive for optimization, better performance, and collaboration efficiency

Let Us Discuss How Our Team Can Contribute To Your Success

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