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Test Automation Services

Plexteq test automation services help you reduce manual QA costs and get your product to market faster – by automating bug detection, eliminating human error and testing the resilience of your software.

We Will Help You

Make your software more flexible

We’ll make sure your software modules interact with each other seamlessly, testing your separate program units together to identify potential bugs. So you can be sure your product’s usability has been optimised.

Improve test coverage and accuracy

We select the most suitable test automation tools, developing custom frameworks and scripts that give you the desired test coverage and a high level of efficiency. So you can maximize your testing ROI.

Get optimal test coverage

Our test frameworks are data, behaviour and keyword-driven, and we implement automation at every level: unit, integration and systems. You’ll feel confident that your systems stand up to end-user expectations, with broad-ranging test coverage that looks at functionality, performance, conversion and localisation.

Get your product to market faster

Our test automation service supports continuous integration and deployment, allowing you to meet deadlines, even with a fast-paced SDLC. Testing takes a lot less time and, once we’ve written your scripts, you can reuse them again and again – at no extra cost.


Reduce your QA costs and speed up time-to-market

Software testing often requires repetitive actions throughout development cycles and across multiple operating systems. Such repetitive testing tasks can be automated to save time and costs. In Plexteq, we strive to optimize all tasks we work on in order to reach the target goals at minimum expense for our customers.

Ensure Testing Coverage and Repeatability

Save Time and Budget

Get Measurable and Predictable Solutions

Plexteq experts build test automation solutions to increase coverage and repeatability of quality tests in line with customer’s targets and priorities. The automation initiatives are driven exclusively by business values and benefits for the customer. The result of automated testing is increased reliability and faultless operation of tested software.

Our deep understanding of the development process and technology proficiency guarantee solution completion and launch in the shortest possible time. At the same time, well-tuned automated testing procedures control reliability of the delivered solution.

In automating software tests, we always care about customer needs and consider product specifics. That is why we start with a pilot project to analyze and tune all processes, verify assumptions, and avoid unnecessary spending. The result is a measurable, predictable, and ad hoc automation solution.

What We Do

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all test automation service. We partner with you to find a custom solution that gets you the best results and builds a lasting business relationship.

Evaluating your software needs

Our team collects and analyses your data, to clarify assumptions and identify project constraints.


From here, we can define your project’s testing scope and work out which elements of automation will give you the best ROI.

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Let Us Discuss How Our Team Can Contribute To Your Success

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