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Software Product Development

Bring your software product idea to life, enhance existing product quality, reduce time-to-market, and decrease development costs with our turnkey software engineering services and outsourcing product development teams

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Value We Deliver

We Delivered


Actively Used by Hundreds of Companies Worldwide


Turning MVP into a high-load elastic enterprise-level platform.

We deliver product development, design, testing, InfoSec & other services

We Will Help You

Create your product concept

Plexteq’ product design service helps you define your product vision and roadmap. Our customer-centric approach ensures your product is shaped to fit real customer needs. We combine technology expertise with Design Thinking, helping you craft user experiences that drive engagement.

Speed up time-to-market

Our product design service lets you prototype, test and validate your ideas and get your product to market faster. We help startups, scaleups and product companies secure investment, while enterprise businesses and product companies can streamline processes, for a smoother delivery.

Test out your business idea

We help startups prepare for market launch and larger businesses test out their boldest ideas. Through analysis of your business goals, market trends and technological possibilities, we design services and technology-proved concepts that best fit your needs.

Enhance and extend your existing products

We help product teams redefine, reposition, improve and grow existing products. Our customised end-to-end service encompasses the implementation of your product roadmap, to support the future vision of your product.

Reduce your risks

We’ll help you validate your ideas, create prototypes, develop a roadmap and implement your vision, through deep-dive business and user analysis. You’ll reduce your development costs and have full confidence in the strength of your idea before securing major investment.

Bring innovations to your daily business

Reinforce your product with cutting-edge technologies to unlock its potential. Our R&D experts regularly generate innovative concepts for customers’ business.

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Ready to realise your product vision?

What We Offer

Plexteq expert product design team lives and breathes your concept – gaining insights from key stakeholders and the market at large, so you can develop your idea with confidence.


Product Discovery

Our Business Analysts and Product Managers support you through the whole product lifecycle sharing valuable insights into your product positioning and market fit based on competitors, industry trends, and target audience analysis.

We Do:

  • Product strategy elaboration and adjustment

  • User behavior analysis (AARRR metrics, Feature metrics, etc.) and A/B Testing

  • Product features and backlog prioritization (including MVP scoping)

  • PoCs, Hypotheses testing, and Prototyping

New Product Development Services

MVP Development

Get your idea shaped and delivered by our MVP developers as fast as possible to start getting market feedback and validating your ideas at the very early stages. We can help you to navigate uncertainty by scoping MVP according to the Product Management best practices, as well as embedding feedback loop & monetization model verification possibilities into the product.

Full-Cycle Outsourced Product Development

Rely on proven software product development outsourcing company to enjoy tried-and-proven software development processes & safeguard your product quality. We stick to the modular architecture in enterprise product development. Thus, our project managers & architects can help you experiment wisely & cost-efficiently enabling you to find the ideal balance between market adoption and business interests.

Related Cases

Development of bioinformatics data processing system for Sequencing

Plexteq developed core infrastructure systems for the world’s largest platform for DNA testing and analysis that hosts more than a hundred DNA analysis apps

Product Enhancement and Maintenance

Software Product Reengineering & Modernization

Technologies and architecture approaches evolve every year enabling better performance and scalability with lower support & maintenance costs. Plexteq product development consultants can support you in migrating to modern technologies for more flexibility, as well as adding data layers and upgrading outdated APIs for easier product integration with external systems.

Stable & Predictable Delivery

Customers rely on your product in their daily business. Thus, stable delivery within planned deadlines and efficient product support become the top priority for established products. We stick to the proven methodologies and tried-and-proven product delivery processes (including CI/CD processes) to safeguard full compliance to release plans and requirements.

Related Cases

Modernization of a AVI-SPL device monitoring platform for opening it to 3rd party developers

Plexteq has modernized the existing multi-tenant cloud-based application that helps to easily monitor and manage distributed meeting rooms and devices. Our team has also developed a set of APIs, SDKs, and API integration console for 3rd party developers to easily develop their component for the platform. 

Being a Part of Your Products' Success is Our Biggest Thrill

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Our Philosophy in Product Development


  • Well defined service processes with a special focus on planning and delivery control

  • Refined HR processes aimed to safeguard sustainable and uninterrupted service delivery

  • Robust quality control with a range of KPIs to track delivery quality and efficiency


  • Regular and detailed reporting on different management levels (weekly, monthly, etc.)

  • Clear, predictable, and consistent billing accompanied by detailed expenditure reports

  • Extensive use of task & project management systems like Jira, Confluence


  • Focus on delivering business value instead of just performing the tasks assigned

  • Working processes tailored for synergy with customer organization and business ways

  • Constant strive for optimization, better performance, and collaboration efficiency

Let Us Discuss How Our Team Can Contribute To Your Success

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