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Telecom Industry

Plexteq helps telecommunications companies adjust legacy infrastructure up to dynamic market requirements to accelerate their digital transformation, add competitive value to their offerings, and generate new revenue streams.

We partner with communications service providers to digitize their internal platforms and processes as well as to enhance software-driven network services. In this way, we help satellite operators, traditional telecoms, OTT and media providers, and infrastructure operators keep up with the latest technologies and succeed with new business models.

Our Software Development Services for Telecom

Telecom digital services

Enrich your portfolio with next-gen digital offerings such as super-fast broadband services and cloud-native VAS applications

Cloud Data Platform Engineering (DWH & Data Lake)

Boost your business performance with the power of big data by building cloud repository of structured & unstructured data that is optimized for analytics, scale and ease of use

Network virtualization and cloudification

Implement a scalable network infrastructure, onboard and test CNFs/VNFs to achieve elasticity wins and deliver innovative network services


Support systems modernization (BSS/OSS)

Transform your support systems to enable seamless deployment, management, and monetization of 5G, IoT, and digital services

IoT solutions implementation

Capture IoT business opportunities and gain a competitive edge by rolling out custom IoT platforms, modules, and apps

VoIP solution engineering

Instantly deploy carrier-grade VoIP services with our custom-built SoftSwitch and Unified Communications solutions

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Ready to jumpstart your transition to being a digital service provider?

Our Key Areas of Expertise

Plexteq provides versatile services to global telecom players, from transit carriers and OSS/BSS vendors to OTT, MNOs and Tier 1 Telecom operators. The variety of customer and business segments we serve helps us fully understand the complex interactions and dependencies in the Telecommunication sector. This knowledge allows for smooth integration of the latest platforms and technologies, empowering our clients’ business evolution and helping them stay ahead of the competition.

Our multi-domain experience in Messaging, VoIP, Capacity Signaling, Roaming, IoT, and Mobile Data, ensures that we address our customers’ needs in the most efficient manner and in line with the top industry standards.


Operations Support Systems (OSS)

Operational Support Systems (OSS) is a compendium of IT processes and technologies such as software, hardware, and system integrations to effectively run telecom communication networks.


Business Support Systems (BSS) handles the essential processes of product management, order management, revenue management, and customer management.

Business Support Systems (BSS)


Customized VAS (Value Added Services)

Provide an opportunity to offer your customers more, which is essential when considering that customers’ needs continue to evolve and change. The most traditional VAS services include platforms based on IVR, voting on radio and television, RBT, etc.


Telecom Software Development

Plexteq is skilled in designing and developing telecom platform components at the intersection of these areas as well as in developing various tools supporting services delivered by the communication service provider to end-clients.


Telecom Software Integrations

Provide an opportunity to offer your customers more, which is essential when considering that customers’ needs continue to evolve and change


Custom Telecom Solutions

We will help integrating third-party telecommunications APIs, cloud communication platforms, telecom expense management systems, call center software, and more into your existing telco systems and applications

Operations Support Systems (OSS)

Plexteq helps telcos ensure that their networks run like clockwork.

We develop and implement telecom OSS solutions to support business processes of telecommunications service providers worldwide. 

Our Operations Support Systems portfolio includes solutions for telecom network inventory, network planning & design, service order management and fulfillment, network rollout and configuration.

Our telco engineering teams implement custom Operation Support Systems (OSS) with VoIP-based services, like server-side applications to enable soft switches and personalized SIP clients to optimize the operations of multiple operations, including:

  • Network Resources Inventory Management

  • Fault Management

  • Fraud Protection Solutions

  • Performance Management

  • Trouble Ticketing

  • Customer Billing Management

  • Data Reports & Dashboards

  • Security Authentication

We Will Help You

Gain competitive advantage with telecom software services

Expert software development in the telecom industry is a strong response to fierce competition and the fall of the average revenue faced by communication service providers (CPS). For this reason, standing out among telecom software companies, Plexteq offers telecom software services that will help businesses fight disruptive competition and lack of organizational agility. Software development for telecom is a rational way to adjust to changing customer needs and uncertainties.


We work with our industry-specific expertise and multi-technological proficiency so that our clients fully benefit from modern telecom software services. IoT, LBS, Cloud, and AI/ML are only several advanced technologies at the heart of our software development for telecom and CPS providers. Plexteq applies this technological spectrum to operation support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS). Our expertise in telecom enterprise software development allows companies to make a leap in business growth.

Benefit from advanced operation support systems

As one of telecom software companies, Plexteq helps businesses launch new services, manage their quality, and timely process user requests. Automation of processes and advanced software development for telecom are necessary for the seamless operation of modern telecommunications infrastructure. We are constantly working to implement only the most effective and technologically sophisticated telecom software services in the field of operation support systems.

Our solutions can streamline network-centric components related to the operation of telecommunication companies. Namely, Plexteq telecom software services help our clients make use of virtual or hosted PBX switches and customized SIP clients, benefit from VoIP-based services, leverage custom solutions for bandwidth analysis and performance monitoring, and tap into cloud-based or on-premise provisioning systems with scalable configuration.

Develop effectiveness with business support systems

Plexteq applies effective software development practices for telecom not only to the network-centric elements of operation support systems. Since business support systems constitute the backbone of the business-critical functions of the telecom companies, they deserve particular attention. For this reason, Plexteq offers a variety of telecom software services to help companies optimize specific processes within their organizations.

In this respect, Plexteq, as one of trusted telecom software development companies, works on software development for telecom to facilitate customer service with tailored user management solutions and ERP systems. We assist clients in the development of interactive self-service portals and chatbots. Our experts build, order, and manage all the telecom-related digital services, tariffs, and packages in one place as well as offer automated payment processing, debtor management, and data verification.

Success Stories

Mobile Phone

Customer Self-Service Telecom Portal for Mobile Operators

Our team assisted a prominent software provider in the telecom industry in creating a customer's self-service app and seamlessly integrating it with their clients' existing infrastructures.

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