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Case study

Customer Self-Service Telecom Portal for Mobile Operators

Our team assisted a prominent software provider in the telecom industry in creating a customer's self-service app and seamlessly integrating it with their clients' existing infrastructures.

Business Challenge

Our customer is a global enterprise that supports Tier 1 telecommunication operators in their digital and network transformation endeavors, offering a comprehensive range of top-of-the-line solutions and unparalleled customer service in the telecommunications sector.

Upon acquiring a communications technology firm, our client realized the need to increase their engineering resources swiftly. This was necessary to successfully integrate the newly acquired firm with their corporation. To achieve this, our client had to modernize the outdated systems of the acquired company, in order to align them with their own cutting-edge solutions.

The legacy infrastructure of the acquired company was inadequate to fulfill the expanding market demands for interoperability and integration. The entire system relied on obsolete technologies and the user interface was developed using a proprietary framework, causing the need for extensive modifications to integrate with our client's advanced microservices-based systems, and facilitate the easy onboarding of customers from the acquired company. Moreover, the lack of access to servers and development environments significantly impeded system integration at the technical level, adding to the complexity of the task.

Our primary objective was to develop a user self-portal for newly onboarded mobile operators, and seamlessly integrate this portal with their systems and equipment. To accomplish this goal, Plexteq provided our client with expert-level engineering team, who would devise an efficient development process and create a customized self-care portal, to cater to the unique needs of telecom providers.    

Key Challenges


Modernize outdated systems of the acquired company to align them with the client's cutting-edge solutions.


Adapting the legacy infrastructure of the acquired company to meet the expanding market demands for interoperability and integration with the client's advanced microservices-based systems within pressing deadlines


The need to grow engineering resources quickly with expert-grade talent to meet business goals

Solution Delivered

As the merging of our client's organization with the acquired company was still in its nascent stage, no operational processes were in place. To ensure a seamless transition, our team established development workflows and introduced a set of communication and knowledge management flows.

In terms of infrastructure, Plexteq provided an array of solution operations services to create an effective integration environment. Our expert engineers set up a private cloud client's side, reduced the number of system bottlenecks and implemented CI/CD automation for deployment and testing.

Each of our four sub-teams, led by a Scrum Master and a technical lead, was responsible for devising the most efficient development process while taking into account the context of all parties involved. Our engineers made numerous process suggestions that were successfully implemented across the entire project.

Our cooperation evolved fast: two feature teams quickly grew to four with overall resource count of 15 engineers each working on their own tasks:

User portal development and integration

The developed user portal serves as a link between our client’s system and mobile operators’ systems. The portal allows users to set up their services and view service reports.

Data processing and report building

Reporting functionality aggregates our clients’ data with operators’ data and provides client-side data visualization. The system generates user reports based on calls made and services used.

Billing system integration

We integrated a billing solution into the end customer’s OSS/BSS ecosystem, providing users with information on account movements and current balances.

Refinement and refactoring

In addition to implementing new features, our engineers were in charge of refactoring code on the client’s system to improve and optimize its performance.

Key Results


Successfully led a complex OSS/BSS integration project for a Tier 1 Telco company to success


The business has been able to complete the merger in the expected timeframes by getting a team extension with prior Telco knowledge

Introduced CI/CD process specifically built for the integration layer and a knowledge-transfer process between two companies that allowed to achieve business goals and specifically Time to Market goal. 

Project Highlights

Industries: Telecom
Expertise: Big Data, Cloud Services 
Market: Global
Team size: 15 engineers
Cooperation: 2019 – 2021

Java, Docker,  LXC, Tomcat, PostgreSQL, Apache Cloud Stack, Oracle Weblogic, Oracle Cloud, Oracle Database 12

Bug fixing and L3 support

As Plexteq teams successfully delivered on their commitments, our client entrusted us to help with system debugging of their global network.

Business Outcome

Plexteq promptly responded to our client's business objectives by leveraging their access to an expert-level talent pool and assembling experienced engineering teams within a restricted time frame. Consequently, we assisted our client in reducing costs while obtaining high-quality software engineering services and addressing diverse development tasks.

Plexteq proved a reliable integrator partner by refactoring, customizing, and building on existing solutions, developing new functionalities, and integrating them into our client’s network. We provided the necessary infrastructure to speed up production and established development workflows and best practices, taking the whole integration process to a new level. The self-care portal we built and integrated supports mobile operators in providing top-notch customer service in telecommunications industry.

By refactoring, customizing, and expanding on existing solutions, as well as integrating new functionalities into our client's software infrastructure, Plexteq demonstrated itself as a dependable integration partner. We facilitated the acceleration of integration and delivery processes by providing the necessary in-house cloud infrastructure. 

Notably, our team successfully identified areas of synergy within our client's geographically dispersed organization, and compiled a distinctive knowledge base by drawing upon the years of specialized expertise shared by the company's key knowledge holders. This knowledge base serves as the foundation for future product development and training initiatives undertaken by our client.

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