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Energy Industry

As technology evolves and energy infrastructure becomes more complex, the need to optimize energy generation and consumption becomes more significant than ever.

Plexteq helps utility companies, energy equipment manufacturers, and energy software providers create scalable software products that provide full control over energy distribution.

We develop comprehensive solutions to monitor the performance of power transmission equipment and ensure efficient utilities use in private houses, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities.

Our software development services for energy industry

Smart facilities

Integrate building operations for precise control of energy-related services plants

Smart grid data processing

Leverage predictive analytics to optimize performance and safeguard against crashes


Energy management

Unlock energy efficiency savings by tracking and forecasting utility consumption

Utility billing

Reduce manual steps in your invoicing process to streamline billing communications

Off-grid systems

Get actionable insights to track and manage physical plants like wind or solar farms

Abstract Lines

Get your energy business ready for the digital era.

Our key areas of expertise

Plexteq offers the energy and utilities sector a variety of solutions and services, aiming to assist businesses on their way to digitalization, modernization, and sustainability. Our experts will help you establish uninterrupted business processes, empower your engineers with equipment maintenance solutions, enhance information security, and more.


Data Management

Turn raw numbers into strategic insights with our data science services. We’ll help you optimize key processes, resolve challenges, and manage your assets for a better return on investment


Enterprise application management

Keep business-critical systems up to date, embrace the capabilities of cloud solutions, and modernize your IT infrastructure to stay relevant in a rapidly expanding industry. 


Cybersecurity Services

Keep your data safe from cyber threats and ensure that all aspects of your system are protected. Our extensive security expertise covers data encryption, access control, intrusion detection, and more


Industrial R&D Services

Build smart sensor networks that provide real-time control over your infrastructure to avoid equipment downtime, as well as proactively monitor energy consumption in houses, buildings and industrial facilities


Industrial Infrastructure Monitoring

Ensure your business continuity with outstanding industrial IT infrastructure monitoring services and intelligent Anomaly Detection solution. 


Cloud Transformation

Move to the cloud with us and you’ll find new and better ways to harness the power of cloud computing. From migration to cloud management, we work with you to help your business realize its full promise and achieve measurable 360 value.

Data Management

The rise of the smart grid and the wide adoption of intelligent devices call for utilizing advanced data management more than ever.

Data storage, managing, and processing will empower energy providers and distributors with valuable insights on energy management, customer experience, and help make strategic decisions on further adoption of the smart grid and the development of distributed energy systems.


  • Data Analytics & Data Science. Empower energy and utility companies with valuable insights to help reduce costs, lower carbon emissions, and manage energy demand for end customers.

  • Master Data Management (MDM). Always get access to the very data you need in the way you need it. MDM serves as the critical foundation for having clean, consistent, accessible data across your company thanks to a holistic approach to standardizing and centralizing data.


  • Data Storage Management. Entrust your data to advanced data warehouses, which facilitate data gathering, storage, and processing. Data storage services will help you manage data efficiently, reduce maintenance costs, and enable business continuity with disaster recovery solutions.


  • Data Integration Services. Leverage your data pool with data integration tools and solutions. Gather data from disparate sources, from smart meters and sensors to wind turbines and grid equipment, under a single platform.

  • Data Lake Solutions. Never experience a lack of storage with high-capacity data lake solutions. With modern data management services, you will save every piece of information from power plants and end-users to store, process, and utilize in the future.

We Will Help You

Transform the core business with new digital solutions

Deploy new customer-centric solutions to reduce the effects of switching. Be at the forefront of introducing new behind-the-meter offerings related to distributed energy generation. Develop cutting-edge electric utility software and customer engagement tools to become the key enabler at the new P2P electricity markets.

Or let us help you adopt the new enterprise solutions, powered by predictive analytics and AI, to bolster your asset and service management capabilities. Implement the latest on-premises or cloud ERP and EAM software and reach new levels of operational efficiency. Our energy software development company is here to help you unlock additional value streams for your business.

Scale sustainably with smarter tech investments

Enhance your grids with intelligent electric utility asset management software, powered by data analytics and predictive maintenance. Minimize the risks of sudden equipment failure and maximize uptime by gaining a real-time view of your assets’ performance. Our data science team can help you accomplish this.

Make smarter investments in new infrastructure and renewable energy assets by precisely estimating and modeling different demand and performance scenarios with the help of big data analytics. We’ll help you create a connected system of IoT sensors, sending field data to your analytics system, to gauge a variety of data points and translate them into actionable insights.

Prepare for the new era of utility distribution

New actors are entering the market – are you ready to meet their needs? Electric vehicles are soon to hit the road and you have the opportunity to be among the pioneers within this new value pool. Let’s work together on new charge point infrastructure and charging utility software development for the eMobility industry.

Smart cities, plants, and buildings are another rising power, demanding better energy efficiency software solutions. Plexteq team of experts can help you become their primary choice by offering a more comprehensive and intuitive tool for analyzing their energy usage and implementing granular optimization measures. Our intelligent systems ensure effective resources usage.

Technologies We Use


Data science 


Fleet management


Analytics and visualization


Big Data processing


Platforms and microservices


Predictive modelling


Internet of Things



Let Us Discuss How Our Team Can Contribute To Your Success

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