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Case study

Comprehensive CRM for PCR testing POS and medical lab automation

PCR test production company expanded to a Canadian market and established testing facilities across the state. They needed to grow very fast to meet Sars-Cov-2 testing demand. One of the limiting factors was the outdated software.

Plexteq has designed and developed an end-to-end CRM system for selling points, medical labs, and patient portal. We automated all the operational aspects including integration with the PCR testing hardware, barcode printers and scanners used throughout the testing process.

Business Challenge

Our client is a Canadian Bio-Technology innovator, premier molecular research and reference laboratory, and the provider of state-of-the-art technology to provide individuals, businesses and health care providers with reliable diagnostic and health screening tools.

The company offers a comprehensive suite of medical diagnostic tools to healthcare professionals, including MDs, pharmacists, LTC specialists, NDs, and others. This comprehensive solution enables healthcare providers to deliver timely and optimal results, prioritizing patient care.

The emergence of Covid-19 brought about significant changes, requiring the company to rapidly expand in order to meet the immense demand for public testing. Unfortunately, their existing lab automation solution, built using Disa*Lab, proved insufficient for this scale of operation.

Adjusting to demand and fulfilling this game-changing vision relied on finding a suitable technology partner capable of building robust healthcare solutions. After extensive research and evaluations by our client, Plexteq was found to be the perfect match for the sophisticated task of digitizing medical services to serve up to a national scale.

Key Challenges


Existing lab software required a lot of manual action blocking operational scalability


Partnering with other healthcare organizations including national institutions required thorough security guidelines to be implemented across the system


To achive the highest level of automation, new suite should have been functioning on any desktop and tablet OSes and support a variety of medical lab hardware including PCR instruments, barcode scanners, and label printers

Solution Delivered

Incorporated within a single ecosystem, we helped our client develop portals for medical labs, point of sale, testing back-offices, and patient self-service. One dedicated Plexteq team of frontend, backend developers, QA engineers, and a Project Manager and Product Owner worked closely with our client to reveal all intricate aspects of the PCR testing process. With a comprehensive design, development strategy, and testing plan in place, we instantly proceeded to implementation. Thorough preparation and our expertise in medical app development allowed us to go into production within less than five months of the project’s start.

Ever since the official launch of the apps, Plexteq has continued to deliver additional features in regular releases based on our client’s requirements. A number of the important milestones in this app ecosystem were mobile app development and implementation of Gastrointestinal (GI) and Human Papillomavirus (HPV) testing harnesses. 

Our testing strategy included verifying healthcare data management compliance as an important part full feature testing. Our compliance testing covered five main areas: user authentication, information disclosure, audit trails, data transfer, and correct data use. We performed security-related sanity testing as early as possible in the development cycle to quickly discover defects. Our team also ensured that defects related to healthcare data management compliance were clearly indicated and documented so they received the highest priority.

In the three years since our client’s solution was released, our multi-faceted team of dedicated developers and test engineers has been repeatedly engaged in the project to secure our client’s success. As the client broadened their medical testing portfolio, Plexteq became instrumental in swiftly scaling up the platform to create a customized solution that would automate all client workflows.


Key Features

Fully automated testing and patient interaction workflows


Outstanding platform security and stability

Unique multi-tier architecture for quickly extending medical testing portfolio

Project Highlights

Industries: Healthcare
Expertise: Healthcare data processing, Security, Cloud Services 
Market: Canada
Team size: 8 engineers
Cooperation: 2020 – 2023

Java 14, Angular, PostgreSQL, Flyway, Kubernetes, Swift, Terraform

The solution allowed to:

  • Support high-security for patient data

  • Scale operations fast all over the Canada

  • Integrate seamlessly with the PCR testing hardware

  • Provide guaranteed test result delivery to patients within 24h timeframe

Business Outcome

Our client has been fully satisfied with the project’s progress and results. The Plexteq team needed just 6 months to release first version of software to market that has enabled our client’s business to grow and reach into new areas.


Quick staffing, a prompt response to technology needs, and successful implementation of the client’s vision allowed us to solve some amazing challenges:

  • Launch a comprehensive state-of-the-art solution for Covid-19 PCR testing rigth at time.

  • Develop a highly scalable solution with a multi-tier architecture that allowed our client to grow into a company with a rich portfolio of testing services.

  • Ensure outstanding security and stability of the solution for critical data protection and flawless system performance.

  • Provide high level of partner and patient satisfaction due to fast result delivery pipeline developed. 

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